G-paid Accounts

G-paid is a platform that cuts a cross all types of business where customers are supposed to pay cash money in order to aquire the services or the products they need from the providers.

Company Account : This account is meant for those who have employees receiving money form customers on behalf of the business owner. These business include Supermarkerks, Petro stations, Transporters etc. It helps an employer track money received in his /her absence.

Personal Account : This account is meant for anyone who is managing a personal business and would not like to lose money from customers just because of change. Even those who want to enjoy the G-paid app services.

Get paid / Deposit to G-paid wallet

With this platform one can get paid at ease or deposite money from any mobile money platform which are MTN, AIRTEL, and AFRICELL.

Therefore customers who don't have cash or have big notes of money which may lead to hunting of change but have mobile money on their phones, they can still pay and aquire their needs.

This can be done in a few steps. The service provider or seller will only request the customer's number which has mobile money on it and then fills in the customer fee then intiates the transaction. All the customer does is to approve the payment by their mobile money PIN.

G-paid wallet

After all payments from customers or deposits made, the money is collected and displayed as account balance to the account owner whether personal or company.

The account owner has privilages to perform some functons as away of enjoying the G-paid additional services like send money, pay bills, buy airtime or data bundle, withdraw and shopping.

Depending on which type of account the owner is using, company accounts don't have a privilage of shopping since those are company funds collected by different employees on behalf of the company owner.

Money Transfer

With the G-paid wallet you can send to your loved ones or supliers or transfer the money stright to your bank account as deposits. All these transactions are done at low as 2.9% charge of the money being sent or transfered.

From G-paid wallet to person (Individual) : Here the G-paid customer can send money to a specific person /individal of his /her choice for any reasons they may have.

From G-paid wallet to bank deposit : Here the G-paid customer can transfer money to a bank of his /her choice for any reasons they may have. These banks include DFCU, STANBIC, DTB, CENTENARY, etc

Make payments / Pay bills

With this service, multiple low value payments (not more than UGX 4M) can be made directly into recipients’ mobile wallet accounts instantly. G-paid offers a competent bulk mobile money transfer services as a method of settling clients’ payouts in accordance with acceptable mobile money transfer standards.

  • These bills include the following below
  • 1) Electricty
  • 2) Water
  • 3) Pay TV
  • 4) Solar
  • 5) School fees
  • 6) URA etc

G-paid Shopping Mall

Shop online with G-paid at a discount on any product. The G-paid shopping center has products ranging from clothes, jewelry, drinks, electronics, and construction/buliding materials.

On product purchase, there are two methods of payments allowed to complete the transaction. One is allowed to pay cash on delivery but this will lead to an extra charge fee for transport. The other payment method is using the G-paid wallet

The other payment method is using the G-paid wallet. This attracts a free product delivery to a location of your intrest as long as it is not outside kampala.

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